$400 Ceremony includes a totally personalized ceremony.  Each wedding ceremony is customized to your love story.  I put at lease 12 hours into your script for your special day and rehearsing it, as no two weddings are the same.

$500 Ceremony and Rehearsal.  Rehearsals are either run by a wedding planner (if you are using one), or the wedding officiant.  Do not count me for dinner.

$250 Vow Renewal.  This includes consultation by phone and standard scripted ceremony.  If you are interested in a personalized scripted ceremony, please contact me to customize a package for your needs.

$200 Elopement.  This includes consultation by phone and standard scripted ceremony.

Free complimentary meeting for initial consultation.

Unlimited support by phone and email.

50% Non-Refundable Deposit is due within 24-hours of signing the contract.  This will hold your wedding date and is for the custom wedding script designed especially for you.  Payment terms:  Cash or Money Order.

50% Balance is due two weeks before wedding date, along with a final copy of the wedding script that you have approved.  Payment terms:  Cash or Money Order.

Mileage fees could apply for travel more than 50 miles.


     Your ceremony is truly the heart of your wedding day.  The words and promises spoken set the tone for your married life together.

     Please call me to schedule a complimentary consultation.  I will then email you an Information Ceremony Worksheet to fill out with the details of your wedding before meeting with you and your fiance to get acquainted to plan and design your personalized and memorable wedding ceremony.  Your wedding day is the first day of your lifetime together.  If you choose me to officiate after meeting, we will sign the contract and a 50% deposit is due within 24-hours of signing the contract.

     Before your wedding, you will need to go to the Maricopa County Office for a Marriage License.  After the ceremony and your Marriage Certificate is signed, I will send it via 'certified mail' to the court to be filed.  You should receive your official Marriage License in the mail within a month of filing.